Nintendo DSi ZELDA Multigame Cartridge

Pick the Games that You Want for Your DS Lite / Nintendo DSi Multicart (multi-game cartridge)

ds dsi multigame cartridge ukmulticart ukWhat do you usually do when you have free time in your hands? What do you usually do when you are bored? How about playing some ZELDA, Mario and Pokemon games all from one multiple game cartridge!

One thing that you can do is to play Nintendo games. You will never be too old for cute Super Mario. You can always opt to play as Mario and as his brother, Luigi. You can also choose to become more adventurous by playing Agent 007 James Bond. You can test the effect of pressure on you by playing “1 VS 100.” There are so many things that you can do when you play Nintendo games. This can serve as your escape from a monotonous life. This is why some players would get too addicted and too involved in the games that they would almost live and sleep for the game.

Now, if you want to reminisce what it felt like to play those old Nintendo games but enough so that you will not also lose track of the recent development in this area, you can tag along with one of these recent developments. You can buy an DS Lite / Nintendo DSi Multicart (multi-game cartridge). What more, you can get to choose the games that you want to have in your custom multigame cartridge. You can pick in an array of the oldest to the latest Nintendo games that you can find. This way, you can truly enjoy and maximize the usage of your multigame cartridge if you know and like to play each game in it. Since you can have more than 100 games in one cartridge, you have to think about the games that you want in it.

If you also want a ready DS cartridge with 50 to 100 games, you can also buy the GameSet cartridges. These are the ones which contain the latest and the best Nintendo DS games that have been developed by the company.
Date Created: Wed Jul 22 08:18:21 2009
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