The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Download Nintendo Gamecube Emulator

zelda wind waker downloadA Waker demo was released by Nintendo however not everyone was pleased with the game. Some felt like it was like a not-so-good looking game, but there were still other people who think it was remarkable. The very first adventure of Link in a way gives the players an indifferent kind of feeling. Wind Waker is considered to have the Overworld, which is the largest that any player could ever explore. But with regard to dungeons, it does not have much compared to other Zelda games. Controlling the wind is one of the techniques that players may use in the Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker happens after 100 years in the Ocarina of Time. Only some islands are left to be seen by Hyrule, which are located at the Great Sea. In this game, Zelda as well as Link finds out that they are actually heirs to the throne of the old Hyrule kingdom and this would occur when the player is already halfway the game. There would be a dialogue that would take place between some of the survivors from Hyrule and would reveal that the Hero of Time, who is the Link of Ocarina of Time, has no relation at all to the Link of Wind Waker. Players would eventually find out that the Link of Wind Waker would be called the Hero of Winds.