The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Download Nintendo DS Emulator

Phantom Hourglass downloadOn the 11th of October, 2007, the Phantom Hourglass was introduced to Australia and a few days after that, October 19, 2007, it was released in Europe. Its setting is similar to the Wind Waker, wherein Tetra must be rescued by Link since Tetra is held as a captive in a ghost ship. Link meets Linebeck, the Temple of the Ocean King, and Linebeck allows Link to make use of the ship that he has.

Phantom Hourglass downloadThis game is filled with a lot of adventure and it is similar in structure to all the other Zelda games. Players would play the role of Link, wherein they would have to save Tetra, look for rare items as well as information, and at the same time survive the wrath of Bellum. It is divided into two sections called exploring the islands and sailing between the islands.   

In order for a player to have the means to travel between the different islands, the paddle must be controlled. A course may be plotted by the players with the use of the sea chart and other functions are readily available for use.

The Phantom Hourglass provides a map that may be seen on a top view and there is also a top-down view which is in 3D. The stylus would be used in order to control Link.