The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Download Nintendo GameBoy Emulator

Zelda Link's Awakening downloadThe Link’s Awakening game was what a lot of people have been waiting for so that they may play Zelda wherever they may be. This game is the pioneer when it comes to the actual game that was released for players of the Nintendo Gameboy. Apart from this, Link’s Awakening is also the very first game that does not take place at Hyrule. Features of the game include item buttons that are interchangeable which means that you may now assign the buttons A and B with a particular item that you would to have it assigned to.

For the Gameboy Color, the color DX version was introduced eventually and the game includes a dungeon where two rare items would be found by an explorer. In this game, the Link will get shipwrecked at the Island of Koholint, wherein he would notice that he lost one of his equipment. In order for Link to be able to get out of the island, he must look for a particular creature, and wake up the so-called Wind Fish.