The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Download Nintendo SuperNES Emulator

zelda Link to the Past downloadA Link to the Past emerged in 1992, which instantly became a hit among the people’s consoles. Link to the Past is similar to LOZ intended for NES because of features like two worlds which may be explored by the players, as well as 11 dungeons. Apart from these things, the game also allows players to learn more about Hyrule’s history, what happened in the past as well as details that should be known about Triforce. Various concepts were also introduced by A Link to the Past, like Master sword. This would eventually turn into the staples which may be found at the Zelda series.

In this Zelda game, the players would now know the human form name of Ganon. It also provides a history to Hyrule. Aside from this, Ganon would be seen in the form of a demon. He is sealed at what is called the Sacred Realm or the Golden Land, together with the Triforce. One would find in the manual the process that occurred with regard to the pieces of the Triforce and that these pieces were actually kept at the Golden Land. Ganondorf the Thief found it wherein his wish was granted. The wish was to have a hideous army show aggression to Hyrule. The Seven Sages made a seal so that the Golden Realm would be closed, while the Hyrule Knights were trying to defend their land. In a nutshell, Link to the Past basically revolves around the attempt of Ganon to break the seal of the Sages. Link was informed by Princess Zelda, in order to look for the Master Sword. Ganon gets defeated. Different means of transportation was used to go from Hyrule to the Golden Land.