The Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link Download Nintendo NES Emulator

zelda Adventure of LinkZelda 2 took place after a couple of seasons, right after Zelda, the very first game, as was mentioned on the manual. This game has a different kind of Zelda, but still keeping the same link. In this game, the destruction of Ganon through the Link is based on the first Zelda. Apart from this, Zelda2 showcases stories relating to the legend about Hyrule, which discusses that there was a prince who should have taken over the Triforce, right after the death of the king but what happened was that the prince was only able to get a part of the Triforce.

Despite the fact that Princess Zelda allowed him to keep the Triforce of Wisdom as well as the Triforce of Power, still the prince was not able to keep the Triforce of Courage since the king hid it. Due to this, the prince, together with a magician, tried to ask Princess Zelda to tell them where Triforce may be found, but in the end, the princess did not tell them where it actually is. To the dismay of the magician, he casts a spell on the princess, just before he allowed himself to die. The prince was in terrible grief because of what had happened and decided that all the girls who would become part of the royal family should be given the name Zelda. In this game, the Zelda that is going to be rescued is not similar to the Princess Zelda that was saved in the first game.